Christmas – Head or Heart?

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Uncategorised

‘It would have been simpler for me if the government hadn’t changed the regulations for Christmas, I am really conflicted now…’ commented one of my colleagues. 

The discussions have been circulating at work for at least a couple of weeks, maybe longer. There is a strong urge to socialise, to reconnect with loved ones not seen since the summer, especially as this is a family time of year. The emotions expressed indicated the strength of the pull, the desire, the craving to have a ‘normal’ Christmas. 

There is also a tangible angst in the air, shaking of heads, shoulder shrugging and hand gestures all which seem to express an air of resignation, which for a few has spilt over into anger. The conflict seems to be the risk of taking of the virus unwittingly into the family home of grandparents.  

It is a true case of head vs. heart. Typically, logic is no good at solving problems of the heart, and often emotions don’t listen to the logic of the mind anyway.  

I had gone through the same mental debate, back in September. The logical part of my mind trying to rationalise and wait for the vaccine. The emotional part of me only interested in reconnecting. I was frustrated by it, day after day, getting no closer to a solution, the same as my colleagues.  

In the end, I let it go.  

Some days later, much to my surprise, I just seemed to know what the right decision was.  

I discussed it with my parents, I sense they had already reached the same conclusion. It appeared the more I had tried to ‘solve’ the problem, the further away any solution became. When I stopped trying to ‘think’ my way out of this emotional and moral maze, a clear path just seemed to emerge. 


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