Lockdown – blog 4 – Addicted to Newsfeed

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Uncategorised

Still awaiting the announcement, perhaps it will be in the next hour?… Still no change, could be at lunchtime… I will check the 1pm news… Still no announcement? Mmm… I will open the article, see if there are any clues…

I found my eye being caught by a newsfeed on my home screen that showed that the chancellor was due to make an announcement. This had simply caught my attention in the morning. By lunchtime it had trained my eye to default to it every time I glanced up or down from the computer screen. It had consumed my attention in a matter of hours!

I found my pulse racing, reading the online speculation. The reporter’s opinions kicked off natural responses in my body with every line I read. Sometimes muscles and jaw tightened at the negativity. Then my stressed, hunched shoulders fell as I read the next paragraph which was full of hope and optimism. The internal chatter of my mind streaming a multitude of possible outcomes. I had become both physically and mentally immersed, being tossed around like a small yacht at the mercy of this open sea of speculation!

I remembered that I was going to go for a walk at 4pm my daily exercise. Outside, the sky was blue, so I grabbed my jacket and went. The sun warmed my face. My body relaxed into my walking stride. I exchanged smiles and nods with the few people also out. Then I turned a corner: Wow! A magnolia tree in full bloom cut against a deep blue sky – such beauty!

The news came on my return home. It wasn’t good, but it did not bother me. My walk had given me perspective: accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.

Memo to self – don’t get drowned in media speculation!


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