Lockdown – blog 6 – Spending energy to make energy

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Uncategorised

Low mood is here. I recognise it, I have felt this before. I feel like I have no energy. I run through my options: reading a book, send some emails, write a blog, do my mindfulness practice – none of them appeal, all met with a sigh. My mind starts to generate another list of options, all will be met with the same lacklustre response – I feel flat as a pancake.

I go and get the vacuum cleaner. I shake the doormat outside of the front door and start vacuuming. I am moving, the vacuum is making a din as normal, some specs on the carpet disappear, others remain. One room leads to the next, into the kitchen, the stairs and the bedrooms. I am in no rush, happy to stop at any time, no compulsion to ‘do the whole house’, it just happens.

Afterwards, I make a cup of tea and sit and read my book. I then do my mindfulness practice. I phone a friend and we chat for 20 minutes. I feel much better, my mood has lifted.

I remembered that when low mood is present, I won’t feel like doing anything. I won’t feel there is any point, I won’t feel that I have the energy… instead I will probably sit and puzzle why I feel this way?

Fortunately, on this occasion, I remembered that I just need to spend a little energy, do something basic and non-taxing to get me going. Once the ball is rolling a little, I will be inclined to roll with it a little more and avoid a night of self-indulgent navel-gazing dominated by low mood!


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