Squirrels and Pigeons Social Distancing!

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Uncategorised

Tired, still yawning, the air temperature feeling a little chilly. ‘Winter is on its way’ was a fleeting thought, as I set out on my morning run. A sense of routine, perhaps duty was present.

A movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. Up high on the power cable running alongside the road was a squirrel scampering along, taking a short cut by the look of it.

Fascinated by this unusual sight, my attention was captivated. Particularly so, when I spotted a well-fed pigeon comfortably sat on the power cable, its plump silhouette cast against the early morning light. This is going to interesting I thought – ‘who is going to give way to who!’

Within seconds the pigeon, aware of the squirrel’s advancing presence neatly took off, the squirrel bounced merrily past! The pigeon, having completed a small circle, returned to its original position. ‘Wow! I wondered if the squirrel said thank you’.I suppose, just like we would do if someone had stepped off a pavement to allow us to pass.

It dawned on me later in the morning how buoyed I had been and how I could not help but smile every time my mind replayed this amusing event. I guess sometimes moments of joy are all around us. They don’t need to be scheduled like a birthday or manufactured like a trip to the cinema. They just need a little bit of our attention to notice their presence.


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