‘This too shall pass’

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‘Why won’t by Bluetooth headset connect… it was fine yesterday… ‘help’ says problem in airplane mode apparently… found it, sorted that… still won’t connect… Aargh!.. Windows 10 update… thank you very much!’

‘This too shall pass’ were the words of a dear acquaintance.

Eventually communicating online, we were discussing her pastime of storytelling and these words had struck me. Indeed, my frustration had passed. I was now feeling exceptionally calm, we had just shared a mindfulness practice together.

She went on to explain in an ancient story that a King had apparently set a task to find a ring that when worn would make happy men sad and sad men happy. Returning with a ring inscribed with these 4 words ‘This too shall pass’, the King was taken aback that his impossible task had been solved.

Presented with the ring, the King realised that all his wealth, fortune and power would not last forever, and one day he will be little more than dust, just like everybody else.

I guess the meaning of this ancient story is that however bad things get, it is temporary; stay positive. It doesn’t matter how great things are, it may not last forever; stay humble.

Curious how such ancient wisdom gets passed down, from one voice to another, from one generation to another and can still be as applicable today, as the day it was first shared.



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