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Recognising the best way forward for you

Benefit from a tailored experience designed to meet your needs.

For some attending a group session at a set time in a fixed location is not a viable option. It could be that the best way to access Mindfulness in this case is through 1 to 1 sessions.

There could be several advantages to having sessions tailored to fit your circumstances. This might include venue, dates and times as well as sessions focused on meeting your requirements, or doing the course online. 

There is one significant limitation with 1 to 1 work – mutual sharing and experience. When there are say 8 people in the room, there will be 8 different experiences of the same practice. If 6 people are happy to share their particular experience (always optional) then there is a likelihood their comments will resonate with others, perhaps the whole group. This is the commonality, a realisation that others too may be experiencing something that you believed only affected you.

So in a 1 to 1 session I will draw anonymously on the comments expressed by others about their experience. This shared experience is a important component of Mindfulness, so it is vital it is present too in 1 to 1 sessions.

What does this service offer?

A personalised focus.

In our early conversations, I always ask people what has drawn them to Mindfulness – what is their intention? Initially, it’s common for people to be unable to state this beyond recognising, or feeling, that change is needed.

We can explore this together as we work through the 8 week programme. Mindfulness is as personal to you as your DNA. It is your experience in the moment, through formal and informal practices, that will create your learning in Mindfulness. 

Making Mindfulness available to you.

Fortunately, Mindfulness requires little more than the space to place two chairs in a undisturbed location. Accordingly, the time and place of Mindfulness sessions can enjoy great flexibility and can also be done online. Recognising and prioritising your needs can lead to Mindfulness becoming a viable option. A discussion about your requirements is the next step.

A programme to meet your needs.

1 to 1 programmes follow the same structure of group programmes e.g. for teenagers, for adults, in the workplace etc. Once we have established your intentions for coming to Mindfulness we will be able to work personally within this structure. This model retains the integrity of accredited Mindfulness programmes while also acknowledging your specific requirements.

Getting the logistics right for you.

I will listen to what will work best for you and see if I am in a position to help. 1 to 1 sessions give the added flexibility of time, location and format of sessions that can often make Mindfulness accessible.

Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast

In this informative clip Michael Chaskalson explores for BBC Breakfast his experience of undertaking a Mindfulness course.

He talks of how his initial skepticism was replaced with an understanding how Mindfulness can be a vehicle for change in how you live your life.

 Thank you to the BBC for allowing this to be shared on YouTube so we can all watch it.

 Frequently asked questions about 1 to 1 sessions.

There are many practical advantages to having personalised sessions. You can ensure that the environment is conducive to best support your learning intentions either in person or online.

Also, it may be the recognition that working in a group setting will be counterproductive. For many participants suffering from acute anxiety, the simple presence of others would preclude their attendance.

I will be honest and open in whether I am in a position to be able to help you. I will also work with you to find alternatives if I cannot.

How will you be able to tailor a course to my needs if you don't know me?

By listening. I will listen to what you wish to tell me, I will ensure that you are heard. Together we will then see if Mindfulness is an approach that can help you. If it can, we will begin the 8 week programme together. Like a guide, I will be with you every step of the way, but it is your map and your journey. If Mindfulness is not suitable for you, I will try to suggest alternatives.

My situation is unique, how can we arrange the practical aspects to meet my needs?

We live in a very busy world which makes many demands of us. It might be time or location that is an issue for you. It could be the ability to attend on the same day each week. Perhaps the challenge is physical, psychological or sociological in its origins. The simplest way is for us to talk and see if it is possible for me to arrange a course for you or not at this time.

How are 1 to 1 sessions priced?

As with all professional services there are costs involved for time, travel, venue and materials. We will have a better idea of costs after talking through the requirements for you to access Mindfulness in person or online.

Are you able to work with anybody in 1 to 1 sessions?

Unfortunately not, for several reasons. Although Mindfulness is suitable for many people, it is not recommended for those with conditions such as acute depression or suicidal thoughts. There are also the logistics of a time and if not online, a venue appropriate for your needs. I will do what is reasonable, but cannot offer guarantees.

Can I access Mindfulness online?

We can explore this option. It has certain advantages such as eliminating the need for a venue and travel. Accessing Mindfulness remotely can sometimes impact on the richness of the experience, but this will vary from person to person. It is worth considering, so please contact me to discuss.

My Approach

Accessibility is important to me. I feel there are enough barriers in the way that our society functions, I want to remove them rather than add to them. I start every conversation with a ‘can do’ approach. This will often require being creative and adopting new approaches to see if we can find a way forward together.

I also work with integrity – again this is very important to me. I will be honest if I feel that Mindfulness or what I can offer will not serve your needs. I will try to offer guidance and ideas to other possible ways forward for you. 

How It Works

Schedule a free 1 to 1

A detailed insight to what your intentions and needs are is the starting point. The best way to start this process is to simply get in touch and we can arrange a time to talk or meet and take it from there.


Setting up a structure for you

Getting the practical elements in place is essential. It needs to be a time, location and venue that solves problems for you, as opposed to causing additional challenges for you.

Setting an intention

It is not uncommon for people not to specifically know what they want or need from Mindfulness. This will often arise as we initially discuss the programme or it will emerge as the course progresses. 

1 to 1 sessions – prices on application

Having explored with you variable costs like travel, time, venue, materials, which all will be personal to you, I will be able to give you a price per session. This is most likely to be £40 per session upwards.

More Details

Please refer to the services page for the type of course that you would like to undertake in a 1 to 1 setting e.g. Adult, Teenager, Performance, Workplace etc.

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