A small gift – that keeps on giving!

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Uncategorised

Cold, slightly silvery, rolling off my hands and fingers. Lots of pressure here, little pressure there. ’How do my hands do this automatically?’ is a thought that pops into my mind. Bubbles arising and then popping. Momentary light reflections, occasionally sparkling, never the same twice.

A simple description of washing my hands, I guess a dozen times a day or so at the moment. It has become a part of my new daily routine, just like so many other people. I have chosen in the last week to be fully present for these 20 seconds or so.

No distractions, just allowing my awareness to pick up on the sensations in my hands; the temperature of the water, the pressure of a finger as it contacts the palm, soap bubbles appearing and disappearing, the sound of the tap running.

At the end of this brief fragment of my day, I often feel a little more relaxed, the world has just slowed a notch, I don’t know why, but a nice feeling all the same.


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