Savour, don’t waver!

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Uncategorised

A country walk in the crisp autumnal air, kicking through fallen leaves of auburn, gold and amber, complete with a flask of hot chocolate. Sitting on a bench watching the curls of steam arising from the shiny silver cup, the aroma awakening the taste buds, rich, creamy and sweet…mmm!

How often do we pause to fully enjoy the hot drinks that we make ourselves each day?

How often is our attention drawn to a screen as we mindlessly sup away at the tea or coffee that we have made ourselves in order to ‘take a break?’

As a child, I remember my Nan making endless cups of tea: the ritual of the whistling kettle, tea leaves, teapot, strainer, a few leaves always escaping into the bottom of the cup!

My Nan would sit, become still and bring her full attention to the tea she was drinking. It was a real break in her day, a way of momentarily slowing life down.

So the question is, next time you make a hot drink for yourself to ‘take a break’, will you commit to this? Will you allow yourself to become still, to savour the flavour, aroma, warmth and sight of your drink.

Or will you waver, and concede your attention to a screen or other distraction? Maybe even answering an email, or doing a little chore, speeding life up, the very opposite of your intention to slow life down momentarily.

Will you savour or will you waver?


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